Hi All-its been a while

Hi All-I havent posted here because I havent had a patch at the garden in some time-but I am happy to continue the blog as a place for gardeners to share things with each other. Spring is coming, who is getting ready to plant?


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News at the farm?

Anyone have any new or exciting things to share? Events at the farm? What are you growing?

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Hi everyone

Hi All. Many of you many have noticed that this blog has been rather dormant for a while. Thats because I no longer have a garden patch and havent for a while. I was working in the city and with a long dreadful commute I just didnt have the time to maintain my garden, so I decided to give up my patch so someone else could enjoy it.
The good news is, I quit that job and dont have to commute anymore. Id love to get another garden patch if any are available. Even if I dont I am still happy to maintain the blog as a place where gardeners can interact and discuss topics of interest. if you have any questions, comments or ideas, post ’em here! Happy (almost) spring!! -Lindsay

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Plant Sale this Saturday, May 9

Friends of Cranbury Park is holding their Spring Plant Sale this Saturday, May 9.

10am-3pm at the Pavilion at Cranbury Park. Rain or Shine! (Hopefully shine) Cranbury Park is at the intersection of Grumman and Kensett Avenues in Norwalk, on the Wilton border, a mile east of Route 7

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Ferns & Ornamental Grasses

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Taylor Gardening Guides

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What do YOU want to learn about?

Hi All!

The folks who are in charge of organizing activities at the farm are looking for input regarding what kind of workshops, classes, lectures etc., we might be interested in having at the farm.

Last summer there was a series of speakers and events on weekend mornings. If there is anything gardening/health related youd like to learn about please post your thoughts here! Organic gardening, tomato pruning, gardening basics, you name it.

Likewise, if you or someone you know may be interested in hosting an event please contact me! Theres probably a contact me button on here somewhere.

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Tips to get your garden ready for spring

Its still a little chilly out (ok, its really cold) but its time to start thinking about spring gardening! Maybe if I start talking about gardening, the weather Gods will rally and give us some warmer days. Or if theres some kind of dance or chant that will help, let me know, Ill try anything.

Here are some helpful tips I found to get your gardens ready, whether at home or at the Farm or both!

“Early Spring Gardening To Do List: 10 Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Planting in Spring” http://landscaping.suite101.com/article.cfm/early_spring_gardening_to_do_list#ixzz0CwU4qjhm&A

Remember: Fodor Farm is an ORGANIC farm! There are plenty of natural products that we can use. No weird chemicals please! 🙂

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And the last frost date is….. (drum roll)

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