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What ARE all those teepee looking things?

Seriously! What are they? What are they for? Everyone has different things growing under them. I cant be the only one who doesnt know. Or am I? Heh..


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Beets are beautiful

My mother-in-law gave me a newsletter from someone in Westport known as “Annabel the Plant Lady”. What a great newsletter. It has a great article devoted to BEETS! “The plain-Jane of root crops finally gets the recognition it deserves”.

Only in the past 2-3 years did I develop a taste for beets. I used to think they tasted like dirt, and couldnt understand why anyone would eat them. I cant pinpoint the exact moment when I ate a beet and decided I liked them. But I like them enough now to plant them in my plot at the farm.

Since I do not feel like typing this entire article into the blog, Ill post a humorous article about beta vulgaris here.

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Fodor Farm looking for Weekend Speakers

A note was sent to me by my sister who was contacted by someone she knows (blah blah blah)

Fodor Farm is seeking speakers for Saturdays at 1pm (Sunday at 1pm as an alternate choice) on all things holistic/spiritual/healthy. COOL!

If you are interested please contact me via email (lovesublime_40@yahoo.comfor Ralph’s contact information as I do not want to publish it publicly.

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I’m sure you all have excellent recipes for garden fresh vegetables. Please share them here.


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beans, peas, and pods

So I started out growing my own italian pole beans from extremely expensive, organic heirloom seeds purchased at Whole Foods. I planted 6 of them, 3 sprouted, only one survived. Now that ones looking a little sad.

All-please post your experiences with growing your own legumes. Any tips on how to care for these heart-healthy hooligans?


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Fodor Farmers in the N.Y. Times!

This morning Fodor farm was visited by a photographer and writer from the NY Times. They interviewed several of the gardeners and took lots of photographs. The article will be in the CT Lifestyles section in about 2 weeks. If you see a picture of a sweaty woman with messy hair and no make-up, thats me! You never know when your 15 minutes of fame will strike.

There were some city employees there as well, dont know their names or titles, but I overheard someone say the word “Mayor”.  Rumor has it our garden will be expanded to include several more patches for the public to use, as well as a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. WOOHOO Now I wont have to drive all the way to Lymans anymore! One of the beautiful yet currently dilapidated homes is sitting patiently waiting to be restored. Im a big fan of preservation and restoration and cannot wait to see how all of the projects turn out. If anyone has any information on the article or the upcoming projects for the farm, please share!

P.S.-This is not a forum to complain about how tax dollars are being used-if you think this is a waste of money that could/should have been used elsewhere, there is a great blog to vent your frustrations:

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Tomato Gardening!

CALLING ALL TOMATO FANS! Do you LOVE bruschetta?  Are you dreaming of Insalata Caprese? Do you want to have bragging rights about your tomatoes? Do you have ANY CLUE WHAT YOURE DOING? If your answers were yes, yes, yes and no, then you’ve come to the right blog. if your answers were no, no, no, no and yes, please don’t go anywhere. Us beginners need help. Weve all bought our little sprouts the the plastic trays and are excited to get these fellas into the ground. Then what?

Please ask and answer any questions about tomatoes here!

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