Tomato Gardening!

CALLING ALL TOMATO FANS! Do you LOVE bruschetta?  Are you dreaming of Insalata Caprese? Do you want to have bragging rights about your tomatoes? Do you have ANY CLUE WHAT YOURE DOING? If your answers were yes, yes, yes and no, then you’ve come to the right blog. if your answers were no, no, no, no and yes, please don’t go anywhere. Us beginners need help. Weve all bought our little sprouts the the plastic trays and are excited to get these fellas into the ground. Then what?

Please ask and answer any questions about tomatoes here!


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    bridget said,

    Our organization has 4 plots and am not sure of the what’s, whos and hows of this. What does the farm supply and what do we need to get started? We are starting to work on our plot this week. We wanted to do vegetables but realize that it is a little late for planting seeds.

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    Shira said,

    If you haven’t met Ralph yet, you should make a point of doing so! He works for Parks and Rec., and spends half of his day up at the farm. He just happens to have a background in organic farming, and loves to chat with everyone – so he should be able to help you with anything you need. There are also a few volunteers (myself included – in fact it’s possible that we’ve already met) with quite a bit of experience in the field of horticulture, and we are at the farm quite often, either working on our plots, or helping others.

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    lindsayg said,

    Hello! I’m so happy youve both found this blog-I havent yet told anyone about it. Shira, we may have met Saturday morning, were you there?
    I saw Ralph, but he was pretty busy talking with the other people he was with. He and I had a brief chat about the bees. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to speak with him soon.

    Bridget- the farm has wheelbarrows, watering cans, rakes, hoes, and some other garden tools I dont know the names of. It is too late for seeds unless you want to wait a couple of weeks before planting them. which, considering this cold weather may not be a bad idea. If you want to buy plants that you can put right into the ground check out Reynolds garden center on Richards Ave, behind costco. They have everything! Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, you name it. Even canteloupe. I bought canteloupe. Lets see if I get a single melon-if I do there will be a major celebration.

    As for tomatoes specifically, Ive been doing some research online (I love the instant gratification of the internet) and it seems that it may be too cold to plant young tomato plants. The cold weather wil esentially shock them and stunt their growth. Were probably better off waiting another week or 2 before planting them. Mine are in the sunny window of my second bedroom waiting patiently. 🙂

    Please spread the word about the blog!

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