What ARE all those teepee looking things?

Seriously! What are they? What are they for? Everyone has different things growing under them. I cant be the only one who doesnt know. Or am I? Heh..


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    Shira said,

    I’ve got snap peas and cucumbers (pickling type) growing under mine. They are also great for any type of string beans, pole beans, etc. Any type of vine will grow up a trellis, it may just need a bit of tying up, as it doesn’t just grab on/tendrils, like peas.

  2. 2

    LindsayG said,

    aah, ok. I thought they either served a purpose or were just there to look, erm, pretty. They are rather pretty and Im sure they will look even better covered with green beans! I love snap peas and string beans!
    I want to grow more stuff but alas I am out of space in my plot. Guess I went to Reynolds with big dreams and a small plot! I planted some canteloupes which apparently need a lot of space..48″ between.
    Ill be happy to get a single one, I just hope the bunnies dont eat them! I did see a bunny this evening. 🙂

  3. 3

    Phyllis B said,

    Yea, I saw that bunny too! He’s ALWAYS next door in front of the main house! I told him if he eats my veggies that I EAT RABBIT!

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