The War on Weeds

I am ashamed. So very ashamed. I visited my plot today after not having been there for about a week..mainly due to rain or personal commitments. My poor little garden patch has been CONSUMED by weeds! And grass! Tall weeds. Short weeds. Weeds with flowers. Weeds with thorns. I could swear one of them laughed at me. Despair!

So I dropped my little knee pad thingy and went to work..and worked, and worked, and worked till it got dark. I made some progress. I got some pokes and punctures from those horrible thorny mutant  weeds. I accidentally pulled out my little pepper plant because I thought it was a weed. Sorry, pepper.

I still have a ways to go. Ill be there tomorrow hunched over from about 7-8pm if ya’ll want to come by and say hi. Speaking of hunched over one of my tomato plants is growing at like a 90 degree angle. Whats up with that. Not cool.



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    Jane said,

    The weeds at the community garden are relentless! Grass keeps popping up in my plot, even under the plastic mulch. I’m going to try some different (organic) tactics this weekend.

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