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Tomato issues

I am having a few issues with my heiloom tomatoes. They have these really weird indentations on them where it looks like the skin split, and there are these brown stalks growing inside with tiny holes on them. Thats the only way I can explain it. only the heirlooms have this, the romas and sweet 100’s are fine. Im afraid if this is some sort of fungus it might spread to my other plants. No one else’s tomatoes that Ive looked at have these. Im researching diseases but none of the descrptions really match what these tomatoes have. Im disappointed and tempted to pull them all out or I might ruin the rest of the crop. ugh 😦


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Oh! And another thing!!

Whats the deal with the abandoned plots?! Can I glom onto one of those or will someone from the waiting list get it so it doesnt go to waste? And what about the plots that have tons of veggies but no one is picking them? The one next to me has zucchinis the size of my arm and its becoming overgrown with grass. I dont want to be a thief but I hate to see such gorgeous veggies go to waste. Not cool.

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What to do, what to do…

…with all that new empty space in my plot! I salvaged what was salvageable of my iceberg lettuce (note to self: plant earlier next year) and my romaine is pretty darn good. Only now I have 1/2 empty plot! What should I plant? It would have to be something that gets full sun and doesnt grow too tall or it will block my canteloupes..yes, canteloupes. I am growing canteloupes. I really, really hope I get a melon or 2!!! Or 5!

So! any suggestions? Maybe Ill plant seeds for a fall crops..oh wait, no stores are selling seeds right now. Boo! Guess Ill order online.

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My beets

I got beets! A few but enough to celebrate. Theyre good. I even ate the greens. They taste like a cross between spinach and broccoli rabe. Unfortunately when I planted my beets I guess the seeds were too close together and the beets are all fighting each other for space so theyre really small. Lesson learned for next year.

My lettuce is almost done so once I consume all of that and the beets 1/2 my plot will be empty. I have a feeling my canteloupe plants are going to fill up most of the space. My peppers arent lookin so hot. On a lighter note, the weeds and grass are flourishing.

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