Oh! And another thing!!

Whats the deal with the abandoned plots?! Can I glom onto one of those or will someone from the waiting list get it so it doesnt go to waste? And what about the plots that have tons of veggies but no one is picking them? The one next to me has zucchinis the size of my arm and its becoming overgrown with grass. I dont want to be a thief but I hate to see such gorgeous veggies go to waste. Not cool.


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    Shira said,

    As of this week, the abandoned plots have all been re-assigned. The original “owners” all did not want to give up their plots, and had a million excuses why they hadn’t been there yet – the office start making calls in early June. The new “owners” will have quite a job ahead of them, in fact I saw yesterday that one of the plots had already been turned over/cleaned out of grass.

    As far as the plots that were planted, then let go, I wonder about that too. Was the grass just too much to keep up with, so they gave up?

  2. 2

    Lindsay said,

    Who knows? If I see a nice zuchinni next door begging to be brought home so it doesnt rot to death, Im gonna take it out of its misery 😉

  3. 3

    Shira said,

    Quick update – had a meeting with the director of Rec. and Park this morning, Ralph is making a list of these plots now, and they will be called, told to clean up their act or they are out of there!

  4. 4

    Lisa said,

    We met some wonderful people planting in an abandoned plot today — yippee, they’ve been reassigned!

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