What to do, what to do…

…with all that new empty space in my plot! I salvaged what was salvageable of my iceberg lettuce (note to self: plant earlier next year) and my romaine is pretty darn good. Only now I have 1/2 empty plot! What should I plant? It would have to be something that gets full sun and doesnt grow too tall or it will block my canteloupes..yes, canteloupes. I am growing canteloupes. I really, really hope I get a melon or 2!!! Or 5!

So! any suggestions? Maybe Ill plant seeds for a fall crops..oh wait, no stores are selling seeds right now. Boo! Guess Ill order online.


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    Shira said,

    Ralph’s got stuff started for anyone to take as transplants – if you can catch him one day, he’ll be happy to help you out! You can probably get something in, and still sow at the mid-end of August for a fall harvest.

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    Jane said,

    Heirloom Seeds has an excellent fall planting chart. The first frost was pretty late last year, so I’ve decided to go with the October 30 date. I’m not sure what date we need to be out of the plots, but you should have some successes before then.


    I would definitely try that lettuce again as a fall crop.

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    lindsayg said,

    Hmm..you mention being out of the plots…guess I never thought of that, do our plots “expire”? or can we “renew” them? Ill have to find that out..id like to keep my plot! Thanks for the link..I havent grown from seeds, I just bought everything at Reynolds but I think Im going to give seeds a try..its a lot more economical.

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    Jane said,

    I was told that you could keep the same plot next year, but community gardens always require you to “clean up” your space at a certain date. There is a clean-up date in October—maybe Shira can answer that one.

    Let me know if you need any seeds. I have quite a collection that I’d be willing the share. How about some green beans? They are a real winner.

    Also, my favorite garden center is Gilbertie’s in Westport. I buy all of my veggie and herb plants there in the Spring and get Gilbertie Bucks to use in July and August.

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    Reetadoff said,

    Thanks for the post

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