Tomato issues

I am having a few issues with my heiloom tomatoes. They have these really weird indentations on them where it looks like the skin split, and there are these brown stalks growing inside with tiny holes on them. Thats the only way I can explain it. only the heirlooms have this, the romas and sweet 100’s are fine. Im afraid if this is some sort of fungus it might spread to my other plants. No one else’s tomatoes that Ive looked at have these. Im researching diseases but none of the descrptions really match what these tomatoes have. Im disappointed and tempted to pull them all out or I might ruin the rest of the crop. ugh 😦


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    Shira said,

    hey lindsay!

    i’ll take a look when i’m at the farm tomorrow, you are in the last row against the fence (a-2) and on the aisle correct? Do you have one plot or two?

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    Shira said,

    I stumbled across your tomato problem in a book while looking for something else! It’s called Catface (gross I know) and the analysis in my book reads:

    Certain conditions that occur during bloom disturb the normal growth of the flower… including extreme temperature swings, drought, exposure to 2,4-D herbicides (hopefully not in our garden). Usually only the first fruit to form is affected…some varieties seem to be more susceptible to this… many modern varieties are seldom affected.

    This would explain why only your heirlooms were affected. By modern varieties they are including things like the sweet 100’s, big boys, celebrity, etc. any of the type you’d get in a store.

    I actually had a few of these fruits too. Well nothing to worry about!

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    Lindsay said,

    oohh..good to know! Thank goodness. Its true, only the first tomatoes had this, all of the other tomatoes I’ve picked have been wonderful. My heirlooms didnt yield as much fruit as I thought they would, so I may just try a different variety next year anyway. 🙂 THANKS for letting me know what that was! Catface…blegh!

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