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And the last frost date is….. (drum roll)

April 15!!!! planting calendar.html


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The BEES! Bzz, Bzz, Bzz.

You may have noticed the bee hives in the corner of the farm. I surely noticed them, and nearly had a coronary when I saw how close they were to my garden patch. Not because Im allergic but because Im utterly petrified, terrified, horrified of bees. Im not scared of spiders, snakes, pedes or rodents but bees send me over the edge. I am trying to make a conscious effort to not run away flailing my arms when one comes near me. You see, I am that one person who bees flock to. I dont know why, it ain’t because Im sweet. Last summer I was enjoying a nice day at Compo beach, and there were relatively few people. Maybe 100 people, and 2 yellowjackets. Well you can take one guess where the yellowjackets hung out. Yep, around ME. That girl you saw running and shrieking? Yeah, that was me. But I digress. The bees at the farm are not evil, theyre gentle and docile honeybees. Right? Right. Theyre gentle. Theyre nice. Ommmmmm…Ommmmmm..nice bees. *inhale* Good for the environment bees. *exhale* Friendly bees. *inhale* Happy bees. *exhale*
Anyway I was curious about the bees and Shira kindly provided me with a link to an article from the NYT about our dutiful beekeeper.  Good stuff.

The Norwalk bee guys (photo credit NY Times)

The Norwalk bee guys (photo credit NY Times)

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Existing plot owners: Payment deadline extended

All-You may have received a phone call from Helena at the Norwalk health dept regarding your garden plots-they have extended the payment deadline to tomorrow, March 10. Get your forms in!

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The blog is out of hibernation!

Welcome welcome! The snow is almost melted and the temp above 60 degrees! The ground is softening, the critters are wakening, and I am heading to the nearest garden center to buy seeds and little planty things! Yes folks, its that time of year again, time to load up your garden plots with all kinds of greens and fruits and veggies and tubers and flowers and healthy stuff. I’m excited. I saw grape plants of home depot today.

To all the returning gardeners, I look forward to seeing familiar faces, and to all the new gardeners who were lucky enough to get patches, I look forward to meeting you! Unfortunately you’ll have to be there after 7pm on a weeknight to be graced with my presence, but I am known to make surprise appearances on weekends.  🙂

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