The blog is out of hibernation!

Welcome welcome! The snow is almost melted and the temp above 60 degrees! The ground is softening, the critters are wakening, and I am heading to the nearest garden center to buy seeds and little planty things! Yes folks, its that time of year again, time to load up your garden plots with all kinds of greens and fruits and veggies and tubers and flowers and healthy stuff. I’m excited. I saw grape plants of home depot today.

To all the returning gardeners, I look forward to seeing familiar faces, and to all the new gardeners who were lucky enough to get patches, I look forward to meeting you! Unfortunately you’ll have to be there after 7pm on a weeknight to be graced with my presence, but I am known to make surprise appearances on weekends.  🙂


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    Shari said,

    Hi All

    After being wait listed last year. We now have a plot in the new section. Stopped by to check it out. With the plots marked in white, seemed more like a CSI crime scene than a garden, but soon we’ll all be diggin and plantin. Can’t wait to meet other gardeners.
    See you soon.
    Shari Bee
    P.S. Would love to hear about what everyone enjoyed about working in lasts years garden.

  2. 2

    lindsayg said,

    Hi Shari! I personally enjoyed all the fuss and reward of growing my own organic awesome veggies. And meeting other gardeners. The only thing I didnt enjoy was the angry weeds!

  3. 3

    anchalee said,


    I presume there aren’t any plots available this year….
    how can i sign up for next year?

    Thank you….

  4. 4

    V Tobia said,

    Are there any commuity work days at the farm. I would like to help clean up and replant the childrens garden and tend the berry patch. Can I just do that by myself or are there arranged days for this?

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