What do YOU want to learn about?

Hi All!

The folks who are in charge of organizing activities at the farm are looking for input regarding what kind of workshops, classes, lectures etc., we might be interested in having at the farm.

Last summer there was a series of speakers and events on weekend mornings. If there is anything gardening/health related youd like to learn about please post your thoughts here! Organic gardening, tomato pruning, gardening basics, you name it.

Likewise, if you or someone you know may be interested in hosting an event please contact me! Theres probably a contact me button on here somewhere.


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  1. 1

    steve said,

    How do you get on the waiting list for plots?

  2. 2

    lindsayg said,

    Hi Steve! Try calling the Norwalk Parks Dept. I am sure someone there can help you.

  3. 3

    Kate Roller said,


    I recently joined a company called Wildtree that offers all-natural, preservative-free food products all intended to make cooking simple, healthy and natural. I’d love to do something at the farm to introduce people to our wonderful products. All natural cooking seems a perfect fit with organically grown produce.


  4. 4

    annbb said,

    Can you all please publish the rules and regulations of Fodor Farms in terms of what and what isn’t allowed to be used or grown? I just read an old newspaper article that said corn wasn’t allowed to be grown. Is there anything else? Is this a strictly organic garden? Thanks! Also, will there be more top soil?

  5. 5

    Lauren said,

    I would love to learn how to pickle and can!!!

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