Hi everyone

Hi All. Many of you many have noticed that this blog has been rather dormant for a while. Thats because I no longer have a garden patch and havent for a while. I was working in the city and with a long dreadful commute I just didnt have the time to maintain my garden, so I decided to give up my patch so someone else could enjoy it.
The good news is, I quit that job and dont have to commute anymore. Id love to get another garden patch if any are available. Even if I dont I am still happy to maintain the blog as a place where gardeners can interact and discuss topics of interest. if you have any questions, comments or ideas, post ’em here! Happy (almost) spring!! -Lindsay


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    Welcome back, hope you get a plot!!

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    John said,

    Remember how incredibly frustrating it was to spend your weekends working on your garden at Fodor Farm only to have your veggies stolen when they were ripe? Well, it is much worse. During the past two weeks April 2011 at the fodder indoor greenhouse…yes indoor greenhouse, on several occasions someone has stolen my plants…this thief is someone with access to the greenhouse…I file a police report today…please be alert…

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      Gladys said,

      I am new to the garden this year and it may be my last year! I also do not appreciate workign hard to grow my veggies to have someone think they are free for the taking. what do they think we are doing – feeding the community – well not this chick! Unitl the city can provide the protection we all diserve I don’t think I will be back. People …. do us a favor and plant your own gardens and leave ours alone – I can tolorate anything – but not a THIEF!

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    Julie Libner said,

    I was hoping someone could help me out. I know this is a longshot. About 3 years ago there was a craft show at the farm. Someone had a booth selling handcrafted silver jewelry. they were from New York. If anyone recalls the name of this vendor could you post it? I lost a necklace my mom purchased from them. It was very special. Thanks. Julie

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    Julie Libner said,

    Hi- I was hoping someone could help me. When then farm first opened there was a craft show. One of the venders was a jeweler from New York who made handcrafted silver jewelry. If anyone recalls this vendor’s name could you please post it. I lost a necklace that was purchased from them and it was very special to me. Thanks Julie

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