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~*Saturday Lecture Schedule*~

YAY! The Parks Dept kindly sent me the list of speakers for the Saturday lecture series. Theres some great stuff on here 🙂

All lectures are from 1:00-2:00pm under the tent.

June 14, 2008             Janice Ditchek – Clinical Herbalist – Sleepy Hollow Herbals

                                    Natures Pharmacy – Heal Naturally with Herbal Medicine


June 21, 2008             Christine Bove – Feng Shui Practitioner

                                    Feng Shui for the Kitchen


June 28, 2008             Shira Friedman – Horticulturalist

                                    Basic Organic Gardening, Composting, Fertilizers, Pest Control


July 5, 2008                Jean Shannon – Reike Practitioner

A demonstration of practices which can transform the way we handle food and honor what we take into the body.


July 12, 2008              Dr. Brian Yomtov – Holistic Chiropractor and Acupuncturist

                                    Applied Kinesiology


July 19, 2008              Carol Piro – Be a Better Breather


July 26, 2008              Isabel Torbet CBP – Body Talk Partners LLC

                                    Mind and Body Balancing


August 2, 2008           Sophie Barnes – Bachs Flower Essences for Total Health


August 9, 2008           Rosie Hass – Natural Neighborhood Green Home Products

                                    The Conspiracy Purist


August 16, 2008         Kristin Howard of Pymander Books – Heirloom Plants


August 23, 2008         Ariella Saria LCSW and Licensed Avator Master

                                    Understanding and Applying the “Law of Attraction”


August 30, 2008         Linda Leson – Sole Awakening – Reflexology


September 6, 2008     Dr. Zembroski – Holistic Neurologist

                                    Diagnosis, Causes, and Drug Free Treatment of ADD and ADHD


September 13, 2008   Rachael Begun – Stew Leonard’s

                                    Book Discussion “The Healthy Way” An eating plan for children

                                    But great for adults also


September 20, 2008   Carol Piro – Exploring Energy with Serasin Kotsogiawwis

                                    Utilizing our Energy Systems


September 27, 2008   Sue Stebbins of Success Waves – Holistic Life Coach


October 4, 2008          Stuart Clymer – Teaching a Daily Exercise Called Appreciations


October 11, 2008        Sara daSilva – From Norwalk River Watershed Association

                                    Having an Ecofriendly and Green Property


October 18, 2008        Mary Elizabeth Cook – Wholegrain Baking for the Holidays



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