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Tomato issues

I am having a few issues with my heiloom tomatoes. They have these really weird indentations on them where it looks like the skin split, and there are these brown stalks growing inside with tiny holes on them. Thats the only way I can explain it. only the heirlooms have this, the romas and sweet 100’s are fine. Im afraid if this is some sort of fungus it might spread to my other plants. No one else’s tomatoes that Ive looked at have these. Im researching diseases but none of the descrptions really match what these tomatoes have. Im disappointed and tempted to pull them all out or I might ruin the rest of the crop. ugh 😦


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Tomato Gardening!

CALLING ALL TOMATO FANS! Do you LOVE bruschetta?  Are you dreaming of Insalata Caprese? Do you want to have bragging rights about your tomatoes? Do you have ANY CLUE WHAT YOURE DOING? If your answers were yes, yes, yes and no, then you’ve come to the right blog. if your answers were no, no, no, no and yes, please don’t go anywhere. Us beginners need help. Weve all bought our little sprouts the the plastic trays and are excited to get these fellas into the ground. Then what?

Please ask and answer any questions about tomatoes here!

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